Wednesday, February 16, 2005

When I Speak of Soul

What do I mean when I use the word soul. It is used so broadly that it almost doesn't have a meaning. I heard the other day on the news that research had discovered that a broken heart could cause a heart attack. I am not sure we needed research to tell us that, but in this post-modern age nothing is truth without a scientific study. I mean more than heart when I speak of soul.

Soul is our inner most self. Deeper than brain. Deeper than mind. It goes beyond conscious mind. It is even beyond our night- time dream world. It is our core and it is very real. As real as our heart or brain or mind.

I think our minds are more than just the chemical and electrical functions of our brains. Our minds being made greater by our souls. If you believe in a world beyond our conscious experience, then it is your soul which would or does go there.

It is the conduit for the spiritual. The world beyond us. The conduit for communication with both the earth and the heavens. Our pathway to the universe.

Everyone is not connected to their souls in any real way, but all of us live with the results of having one. Our soul effects and affects our lives in ways we can't count or even know. Finding a way to heal our insides may be our most important task.

When I speak of soul I am speaking of our window into the unknown. We must learn how to heal it and to walk into that unknown with it well so we can soar.

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