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I will never get it right. Someone will always have to correct my language. It is not that I don’t understand the importance of what Harold Maio or Rev. Susan Gregg-Schroeder, who among other things has a wonderful web site, is saying about the way I put things on this blog. I am just not a good student.

I have known Harold for years and he has gently corrected me many times going back to when Project Dream Again was publishing the DREAM AGAIN JOURNAL. He and Rev. Susan are right. Language is important.

Why do I at times have more trouble with it than at other times? I have written and taught person-centered curriculum. I believe deeply in the concepts both of them are trying to get me to be sure I always use. What is the problem?

The truth is at my core I do not truly believe I am fully human. The results of the childhood sexual abuse and living all these years with a broken brain is a damaged inner core. Deep inside is a dark place where the light does not reach. I can write and teach about person-centered principles. I can talk the right stuff, but deep within me I feel the wrong way. That means at times my writing is not person-centered. It is not as respectful as it should be.

Don’t feel sorry for me. Feel sorry for those around you who don’t even know they have the problem. At least I know why I can’t always meet Harold’s standards for language. DO YOU?

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