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I need to cover a few things about my blog.

First, it will come out twice a week. Tuesdays and Fridays. I write it mainly as therapy for myself, but from the number of emails I get apparently some of my readers get something out of it too. For that and for my readers I am grateful. Thank you for taking the time to share my thoughts with me and feel free to reply to anything you read in the blog.

Secondly, I need to make clear that I thought Councilman Mumpower’s op-ed piece was right on target. It was a long and powerfully written piece and I feel he is an advocate for those of us with disabilities. It may have been unfair of me to pick a single word such as victim out of his piece and write my blog around it. I would encourage you to go online to the Asheville Citizen-Times and read his entire op-ed piece. I think the points I made about victim hood are valid and I wanted to use the quote, but maybe I did not make clear how strongly I agreed with the points his piece made.

Thirdly, a loyal reader brought to my attention that I keep using the phrase “mentally ill” rather “people with mental illnesses”. This was not the person who called me on this before in such an angry tone. This reader did it in kindness and maybe I can remember it better because of the tone that was used this time. I go deaf when I am yelled at, but this reader was not yelling. He was simply making the valid point that “the phrase ‘the mentally ill’ has no person in it.” Well if I am trying to get the world to see us as fully human then my language must reflect that. I promise to try to do better and I thank this reader for his gentle approach to helping make this blog better.

There is a SPECIAL EDITION of my book “WHEN EVEN THE DEVIL DESERTS YOU” being printed. It will be available from Project Dream Again sometime after the 1st of October. This new edition is dedicated to Cassy Edwards and Roy Dale. I will let you know how you can get a copy soon after the first of the month.

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