Friday, November 30, 2012


When the days grow longer,
   And the nights seem endless,
With dawn an eternity away.

When friends are elusive,
   And family are there,
But you wonder for how long.

Maybe it is time to look
   At a place you may hate
It is time to look inward.

The surprise you may find,
   Is a you you never knew,
The one only known on High.

I speak of the you created,
   Before the world of pain and disease,
Created what you think you are.

I speak of another you with a soul,
   An inner life not defined by this world,
By what a spiritual life can bring.

The Dawn can be Now if you Look!

© Ed Cooper
    November, 2012

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


We never really know what someone else is feeling or thinking.  That makes the practice of psychiatry very difficult at best.  My psychiatrist can observe me, but he/she can't tell if I am telling the truth about being suicidal.  I may want in the hospital for some reason and know that the best way to get in is to say I am thinking of killing myself.  I may be thinking or even have a plan to kill myself, but don't want to be locked up on a psych unit so I will lie about my true feelings and thinking.
We must ask ourselves does any psychiatrist really know their patients?  Probably some know some of their patients fairly well although I doubt anyone tells all, but it has been my experience that most of my peers see it as more of a dance as they do an opportunity to seek truth.
This is not really a surprise.  The system does not reward truth.  A person in enough pain to want out of this world does not really respond well to being locked up as a criminal.  It is against the law to kill yourself.  Can anyone imagine a better approach than being locked up?
There are.  Does that surprise you.  Probably not.  The problem is we do not spend our money on what might be best for the individual.  We spend our money on locked wards that powerful hospital corporations already have.
This is a poem I wrote some years ago.
I Heard A Voice

Death of a loved one,
Penetrates deep into the inner core,
But when the death is a suicide,
It scars the soul of those who care.

Each time I felt the despair,
And death seemed so sweet,
Tears filled my eyes and my heart grew heavy,
Thinking of the ones who wanted me to stay.

It seemed another step was too much,
But how could I fail,
Those who trusted me to stay,
What would I say to them someday?

I cried out to my Lord,
If I must live,
Only You can give me,
The inner light I need.

I heard a voice from within,
Not the voices of a sick mind,
But the voice of a Living Lord,
He simply said, “I am here.”

By Ed Cooper
September 10, 2009
There has been a lot written about suicide among our troops and vets lately.  Until someone gets real and admits some of the things I have written there will not be much progress.
1) Soldiers and veterans think they can do it on their own.
2) There is still major stigma.
3) Mental health professions have no way of knowing the real truth.
4) Suicide is a selfish act and that fact should be at the front of the approach to any compassionate approach to helping.  It is the major reason a person will stop their plan and start dreaming again about staying.