Friday, January 04, 2013


The song title "The Bible Tells Me So" is not going to be a sufficient answer to some of the big questions being brought forward by those who want us to believe we are little more than a body controlled by three pounds of wetware (brain).
The following is from the homepage of Baylor College of Medicine’s Initiative on Neuroscience and Law. 
"Emerging questions at the interface of law and neuroscience challenge fundamental notions at the heart of our criminal justice system. Given that brains develop as a complex interaction of genes and environment, can we really assume that people are 'practical reasoners', and deciding in exactly the same way? Is mass incarceration the most fruitful method to deal with juveniles, the mentally ill, and the drug-addicted? Can novel technologies such as real-time brain imaging be leveraged for new methods of rehabilitation? Can large scale data analysis give us insight into patterns of crime, recidivism, and the effect of legislation? 
Because most behavior is driven by brain networks we do not consciously control, the legal system will eventually be forced to shift its emphasis from retribution to a forward-looking analysis of future behavior."
The debate about gun control is at the top of the list for lots of folks.  How many of us even know about the neuro-law movement?  It is not benign.  It is a severe thought malady eating at the soul of post-modern society.  It may be more dangerous than any gun because it rots the roots of our very core.
When the prevailing thought in the bio-scientific world is that mind is simply a mass of tissue in our skulls that control us, then we begin to lose those qualities that make us human.  The majority of us don't have to agree with them for their views to rule us.  They only have to convince lawmakers of their great wisdom.  How difficult do you think that will be?  If it sounds like an easy and sure solution, they will adopt it.
You don't have to be a Christian not to want to be reduced to nothing.  You just have to be a human who wants to still have the right to feel, love, get mad, and have thoughts.  You want to think they are yours and that they don't belong to the brain folks to decide how you came up with them.  If you want to be free, you had better start paying attention to the neuro-law folks before you become a bull frog in a biology lab.
to be continued...