Thursday, November 14, 2013

UNGRATEFUL CHILD a new poem by Patty Cooper

Ungrateful child was what she called my sister
Always unwanted
Knowing it, but unable to rectify

Ungrateful child a problem
Much reminded
Unwanted by the world she felt
Acted on it

Always too much
Never enough
Unable to be reassured
She believed the lies

Prove being bad
Became habit
Then life

Ungrateful child
Needed love
Needed nurture
Needed more

She wasn’t an ungrateful child
Perfect baby
Precious toddler
Precocious teen

Beautiful young woman

Drug addict

Mother not child was ungrateful

Caused it
Not seeing
Beautiful daughter
Never had a chance

Unfit mother
Needed to have a license
To procure such a treasure
Damn shame

©by Patty Cooper, October 18., 2013, Stoney Creek, Tennessee

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