Monday, December 23, 2013


If you go to and look up the verb synonyms for dream, you will find the following words:  conceive, crave, invent, think, visualize and the phrase conjure up scenario.  If you look it up as a noun you will find goal, desire, hope, vision, image, and yes a couple of very familiar terms delusion and nightmare.  My point is that most of the nouns and verbs that are considered synonyms with dream are positive.  When I came up with the name Project Dream Again, I meant it to be full of hope and vision.

Over the years as an organization and as an individual the involvement with the mental health system has almost killed my ability to dream of a better future.  At the breakfast table the other morning I told my wife that it may just be the aging process, but that I was ready to surrender to the powers that be.  You fight for years and each step forward you make they knock you back two just a couple years later.  She has said to me for years that the county, state or federal government can out wait you.  I think they have.

When a US Representative can propose a law to cut every consumer initiative in the country and get praised for it by anyone with an IQ over 1, then we are in deep trouble.

When the C/S/X movement is so divided it is hard to tell where it is then we have lost the battle before we begin.  We can't even get consumers (or whatever the latest name is) to unite on the simple principle that a person can't be locked up unless they have committed a crime and no forced treatment for any reason including on the pretense of preventing suicide.

Is there a reason for hope?  If you know of some strong reason there is a comment section or you can go to my website and email me.

I will use the strongest reasons in a future blog entry and certainly give credit to whomever pointed them out.    

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