Saturday, February 01, 2014


 Cover "Come See A Tree With Me"

Come see a tree with me
     which looks dead and weathered,
          but don't be fooled dear soul
               for this is the tree of Life.

If you came across this tree
     high on a mountain top,
          or low in the desert dying
               your tears might turn to blood.

For on a tree long ago
     it was the blood of God's Son
          that turned the cross into
               the tree of Life for us.

So when you see a tree
     dear fellow sojourner
          remember you are looking at
               the symbol of our salvation.

© 2008 by N.O.M.I. Inc.
by Ed Cooper, January 1, 2008, Glen Alpine, North Carolina
Published in a chapbook of poetry by the same name dedicated to Jo Jo & Tyler Story

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