Saturday, March 01, 2014


This business of forgiveness
is a lucrative lunacy
because living
without forgiving
has produced an industry
of books
all with a cure
or cover up.

Why not just try
Just pretend
you have forgiven
and maybe
if you do it
long enough
it will become
a reality.
Don’t worry
about  a knowing God
because people say
everyone is forgiven
in the end.

But wait,
what if God
is really going
to have a Judgment Day?
Do you want
this business of forgiveness
to be pretend?
God might just say
“I was joking when I said my Son would atone for all your sins.”
Are you sure
you want
to take the risk?

So what about
this business of forgiveness?
Your help
will not come
from books
therapists or gurus
drugs whether legal or illegal.
You can only learn about forgiveness
from the Master of forgiveness
at the foot of the cross.
This business of forgiveness
is a business
money cannot buy
only a heart already bought
can learn to turn
from being wrought
to love and forgiveness.
Peace can come,
but only because
the price has been paid.

© Ed Cooper, February 28, 2014, Stoney Creek, Tennessee
    All Rights Reserved

    Published by Dream Again Press

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