Friday, April 11, 2014

LET SELF SOAR: poem by ed

Red Tail Hawk

You cannot see over the hill
Til you can look deep within
And learn to love the one
You see buried in the debris.

Our minds create doors
To escape this conflict filled world,
But our souls are the home
Of our dreams of what’s to come.

It may be dark with some debris
Left from past disasters of the mind,
But new light for a soul can be found
Even in the sound of a mountain stream.

Do not let the debris be the end
Of your look within
Because somewhere inside yourself
Is the only you that really counts.

Find the self that you are
And let that self soar
On your hopes and dreams.
Do not let self die on the debris.

© Ed Cooper, 4/11/14, Stoney Creek, Tennessee

    All rights reserved

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