Thursday, June 26, 2014


1) I will be glad when __________.

2) Grownups are dumb.

3) This was more fun when___________.

4) The world is going to hell in a hand basket.

5) I wish I was already gone except for ___________.

This is a short list and I have not filled in all the blanks.  I hate it when people try to define the stages of how someone else grows or grieves or does anything.  My point here is that I found myself saying things I heard other people say when I was younger and knew I was getting to be an old man.

Number five may be the most important one.  Patty and I are fast approaching the day that we have been together for 25 years.  I have been suicidal off and on for over 60 years and on days still wish I had already left this world except for the fact I still what to be with my wife.  The “except” in my life has been powerful enough to keep a very suicidal person alive 25 more years.  It is the “except” that I am asking you to think about or look for whichever the case may be.  It is the “except” that can make your life exceptional and make you want to live each day fuller.

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