Thursday, August 28, 2014

IN HONOR and MEMORY of EDWARD C. COOPER (May 21, 1916 - August 28, 1944)

Battle of Brittany

S. Sgt. Edward C. Cooper
The Battle for Brittany took place between August and October 1944. After breaking out of the Normandy beach head in June 1944, Brittany was targeted because of its naval bases at Lorient, St. Nazaire and Brest. My father Lester John Cooper’s brother Edward was killed shortly after that battle began.  At the request of his wife, his body was not returned.  To my knowledge the only family member to visit his grave in St. James, France at the Brittany American Cemetery and Memorial is my cousin Carolyn and her husband Hank.  I have sent flowers over the years, but it gave me great comfort to know a family member had actually laid eyes on his grave. I am named after Edward C. Cooper.  I am proud to have his name.  He had a safe job in Washington, DC when he volunteered to go into the military.  A man of courage whom I never met, but who I feel like I know.

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