Thursday, September 11, 2014


It seems like we as a nation have been mourning the horrific acts on that Tuesday on September 11, 2001 forever.  It has only been thirteen years in the life of the nation, but a violent thirteen years.  We should still be thinking about that day.  We should never forget it or the people who died on that day and their families.

I am sure many will disagree with me, but I think that our President had poor timing in picking the eve of the anniversary of 9/11 to announce an open-ended attack on the group known as ISIL or ISIS. The question is not whether this hit from the sky plan will ever work, but rather what should the President have been leading the nation in thinking about on the eve of 9/11.  I think he should have been addressing the wounds of our country rather than trying to drum up support for more violence that he or no one else has any idea when it will end or whether it has any hope of doing any good.

Today is for remembering and honoring.  It is not the day for planning for more destruction.  That could have at least waited another couple of days.  He had waited longer than many thought he should have anyway.  Some think he should not do it at all.

May God Bless this warring nation.

© Ed Cooper, September 11, 2014, Stoney Creek, Tennessee

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