Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Stoney Creek, Carter Co., TN (Photo by Patty Cooper)

If you think you are crazy the chances are pretty good that you are because a person is the best judge of their own state of mind regardless of what position psychiatry thinks it holds in the matter.  However, you will be pleased to know that you are not the real danger to society.  The folks society needs to be watching are those people who think they are perfectly normal because the dirty little secret is that there is not any such animal as a perfectly normal human being.

I write this not to condemn what I call the “chronically normal” folks, but rather to free the other people like me who have a psychiatric label from feeling like they are something less or different from the rest of their fellow mankind.  Being functional in a dysfunctional world is nothing for the chronically normal people to be bragging about and making us feel like we are worthless because we do not measure up to their functional standards.

Why do I call it a dysfunctional world?  It is a world where in the richest nation in the world (right now China is about to pass us) children and old people go to bed hungry and veterans and families live on our streets.  It is a world where people are divided by the color of their skin, what they believe about God, their economic status and their age.  It is a world where mad men will behead men and make a video of it and rich nations will kill from afar with drones. 

To function in a world like this one must be an ostrich or as I tell my wife they must have shelves in their minds where they hide things as they go on with their lives.  If you are one of those people who have no shelves or closets in their minds and are forced to face the stark realities of this world, you cannot expect us to function in the same way as people with dissociative mechanisms like shelves and closets in their minds.  If the world was so functional politicos, pundits, corporations and governments at all levels would not have to lie and spin so much.

So my fellow sojourners with a psychiatric label do not despair when you don’t function up to the level that someone else sets.  Jesus did not when He was on earth.

© Ed Cooper, October 21, 2014, Stoney Creek, Tennessee

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