Thursday, December 18, 2014


I have been asked why I write so much about Jesus on a blog that is suppose to be about mental health.  The answer is simple.  Spirituality is a one of the most important keys to mental health.  Please note that I did not say to mental illness, but rather to mental health.  Spirituality helps one to recover mental health and to maintain mental health.  For me personally, Jesus is at the core of my spiritual life so I write about what I know.  I could not write about the spiritual life from any other perspective.  That does not mean there are not others.  It just means I write about what I know about.

I would hate it if a group of people got together and decided when my birthday was going to be.  That is what happened to Jesus and most likely they picked a pagan holiday to be day they would celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.  Why do I think He does not hate Christmas?

First, I think Jesus likes all the smiling faces of the children that Christmas brings even if it is not really His actual birthday.  He loves children and their joy must warm His heart.

Second, He must like the fact that folks get jobs this time of year and make a little money because of all the buying that goes on.  He loves the poor and to the degree that the poor puts some money in their pockets during this holiday I think He is glad of that fact.

Third, He is probably glad the world is talking about Him even if they get most of it wrong.  The little they get right is better than none.  Jesus wants people to know Him.

So there you have it.  My three reasons for thinking that Jesus does not hate Christmas although it is not His actual birthday and we celebrate it in a very pagan way.

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