Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Carl R. Rogers: Part One

by ed

Carl R. Rogers in his book A Way Of Being gives a very simple and clear explanation of what he means when he uses the term person-centered approach.  In this three part blog series I am going to try and cover the three main conditions that Carl Rogers says must be present for a “climate to be growth promoting.” (CR)

The first step in his view to creating a climate in which growth or recovery can be facilitated is that the helpers must be real and genuine.  He says they must not put up any “professional front or personal facade.”   I personally have never had any mental health professional work with me who did not have moats and high walls around themselves.  I have always been told it is necessary for a therapeutic relationship, but from reading Carl Rogers he seems to think one needs to have an authentic relationship if they intend to create an atmosphere where healing and recovery can take place.

I am not suggesting that the helper should dump all their load off on the person they are trying to help by sharing every detail of their life.  I don't think that is what Rogers meant either.  Being real and genuine is responding in ways that show you are a human and that you consider the person you are trying to help a person. Respond in a way that conveys you believe you are equals.

Being authentic is hard.  It is hard even with your best friend.  It is even harder with someone you are trying to help make a very difficult journey, but if you want to give the person you are walking beside the best chance you can then be as authentic as you can.  Let them see you and prove to them that you truly see them.

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