Tuesday, January 20, 2015

MY DAUGHTER IS GONE: a poem by ed

My daughter is gone!
The little baby girl
who bounced on my belly
was no longer allowed
near me or my belly.

Because I am with sin!
The sin of a mind
that cannot bend
enough to be part
of a world so broken
the courts take a baby girl
from the arms of a father
while they have him
locked away in a loony bin.

My daughter is still gone!
Now it is not the courts
that keeps her from my arms,
but rather things I
cannot undo and will not do.

I saw my daughter briefly!
However, I did not measure up
to her high standards
of what a father should be.
So for the second, third, fourth …  
time, I lost my daughter.

My daughter is gone
and I will not give chase
because now she is an adult
and has the right
to condemn a man
with a mind that never mends.
© Ed Cooper, January 20, 2015, Stoney Creek, Tennessee
   All rights reserved

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