Wednesday, February 04, 2015


If you want to write a piece for the Huffington Post, it seems anyone and everyone is considered an expert on the brain and psychiatry.  That is why I have just awarded them the 2015 Project Dream Again Press Award for not giving a damn if the people they publish know anything or get anything right.

A few days ago Lisa Long made an assertion in a Huffington Post piece that “Mental illness is a physical illness.”  They did not give any credentials for her that would qualify her as an expert in neurobiology or any other specialty to allow her to make such a straight forward all encompassing statement as a truth.  It is simply an opinion she holds and she should have stated that it was simply her opinion.

There is not a single physical test on which to conclude a person has any label found in DSM-5.  Let me say this again.  There are no tests for any psychiatric label.  Therefore it was irresponsible for the Huffington Post to publish and for Lisa Long to assert that “Mental illness is a physical illness.”

Why is this so important?  Because each of us with a label suffer from experiences that differ to such a degree that it is simply impossible to say what the causation is or to define them in any way other than by letting the person tell you what they are experiencing.   One size does not fit all and any good scientist admits the complexity of the mind/brain/spirit may make it impossible to ever come up with truth in its ultimate form.

I caution anyone against making statements about subjects which well educated and thoughtful folks know that they know very little.  It simply shows how little you know if you make such statement or publish them.     

by ed cooper, folk philosopher

© Ed Cooper, 2/4/2015, Stoney Creek, TN

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