Thursday, February 12, 2015


                                                       FORT MYERS BEACH PIER
                   (He catches fish for the pelicans and feeds the fish to them one by one.)

On our recent trip south to Fort Myers Beach via Darien, GA., Patty and I were discussing a topic I raised in a poem a few days ago that I gave the title Disagreeableness.  Anita, a longtime friend from Florida commented under the post on Facebook that she was sure Patty felt like it was worth it.  ( I think I am close to quoting her correctly.)  The funny thing is Anita was not always sure she thought it was worth putting up with me.  The topic of discussion was whether I was now or had I recently been in mania or hypomania?

When someone with a bipolar label gets irritable or as I called it in the poem disagreeable, people usually look for signs of an onset of illness.  I suggest you might want to look to see if there is something going on in their life to cause it before assuming the worse.

My house is having a room added and the outside space is being messed with.  I just had surgery in early November and will return to the table in 11 days.  On the way back to our house I had to stop at the VA hospital for my pre-op.  No way to end a great vacation at the beach.

(where we stayed)   

Fort Myers Beach Pier

My point is that I have not taken any trips by myself.  I mean run off and spent a fortune.  I have not tried to buy any companies.  I have not tried to create a harem of females for myself.  There are not any signs of mania other than I am having to deal with lots of stuff and cannot hide enough to stay calm.  I think my reaction to this world and what is going on in my life is rational and normal. I should be mad.  Both contractors and the Veterans Administration are maddening.  Not Patty's fault.  I offered to go into the psych unit until my surgery, but she said that was crazy.  So I guess we ride this bucking horse to the end.

© Ed Cooper, 2/12/2015

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