Monday, February 16, 2015

VA Secretary Robert McDonald

Read it and make up your own mind, but I can tell you from listening to the house hearings VA Secretary Robert McDonald is not a friend of Vets like me with a psychiatric label.  When asked what his plan was for reaching the 17 out of the 22 Vets who committed suicide every day and had had no contact with the VA he said that we came through primary care and would see a psychiatrist and probably not even know we were seeing one.  (Not in quotes because my memory is not that good.)

1) We are not dumb enough to be fooled into seeing a psychiatrist and not know it and a psychiatrist who saw a patient without saying who they were should not be practicing.

2) This jackass from the corporate world may not know it, but talking about trying to fool us into mental health services is a sure way to keep us from even showing up at primary care.

He says he can run the VA like a business.  Think of your cable company or your wireless phone provider or Walmart and you can see where this man wants to take the Veterans Administration.  I have seen his kind before and when I was in the business world I would never work for a person like him or take an account that the person I had to do business with was like him.

I was in the tire and retreading business.  Mostly truck tires.  Trucking company accounts is how I made my living, but I learned early on to be honest and to do that you needed to deal only with honest business people.  To make money I needed to collect the money for the tires and retreads I sold 30/60/90 days down the road.  I would not trust VA Secretary Robert McDonald enough to sell him anything on terms.  He would have to pay me cash.

© Ed Cooper, 2/16/2015, Stoney Creek, Tennessee

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