Monday, March 30, 2015

MUDDLED MIND: A Non-Catholic Confession

I was watching an episode of CNN’s Finding Jesus series last night when I decided to write about not using CNN as an accurate source for information about the life of Jesus.  CNN promotion says, “Finding Jesus discovers fascinating new insights into the historical Jesus, utilizing the latest scientific techniques and archaeological research.”  However, in a 8 pm rerun it told about Jesus’ brother being bitten by a snake and Jesus breathing on the bite and it being gone immediately.  I don’t remember that from my reading of the Gospels.  

Earlier yesterday, I watched Louisville lose a close one to Michigan State, a university I have pulled against since 1979 when they beat Indiana State in the final game of the NCAA tournament that year.  Magic Johnson Vs Larry Byrd made that a game that is still talked about.  Indiana State went into that game undefeated.   The day before that on Saturday I had watched my Kentucky Wildcats advance to the Final Four by winning a game that they probably should not have accepted the win and should have let Notre Dame go to the Final Four instead of them. (I am aware of how crazy that sounds.  Look at the title of this blog.)

While doing research on the Finding Jesus series, I ran across this story
You will have to read it for yourself, but what it did in mind was make me question something I thought I was clear on.  Every time there has been a mass murder and the headlines start reading “the mentally ill” I have responded by saying “why don’t they say evil?”.  This CNN story is about a program in Maine for persons who have even committed murder, but who are found not to be criminally responsible because of a mental illness and are given a chance to
rebuild their lives and re-enter society.  They say they have had no recidivism.  This forced me to rethink.

Was I pushing the evil theory so hard because I felt like I was not evil, but I was not sure I could not become ill ( psychotic when manic) enough to commit a horrific crime?  Maybe I was not being fair.  After all I had not talked to or did not know any of the people I had made my judgmental statements about.  Was I simply trying to protect myself in my own muddled mind?

CNN’s theology, NCAA basketball, NASCAR at Martinsville,VA, my own racing which did not go well over the weekend, and mass murders.  The historical Jesus and the historical NCAA basketball tournament.   A muddled mind for sure.

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