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Morgan Firestar and the Lunatic Fringe

**The Dream Again Journal:A Bimonthly Journal of Spirituality & Madness was published for a number of years by Dream Again Press.  Ed Cooper was the Editor and Patty Cooper was the Managing Editor.  The July/August 1996 issue (Volume 2, Number 4) was dedicated to the memory of Morgan Firestar.  At that time Ed published a piece written by Morgan on the front page of the DAJ with the following words under it.  This piece is from Volume 3, Number 5 of the LUNATIC FRINGE.  It is reprinted here without the author's permission.  I hope Morgan is not upset with me.  I take this risk to honor the life and death of a true 'radical thinker, writer, songwriter, artist, dreamer.'  Here I go again.  While going through papers the other day, I found a copy of the issue of the DAJ that was dedicated to Morgan Firestar and felt the need to share it all over again. Here it is. Ed Cooper, 4/8/2015, Stoney Creek, TN **


                                by Morgan Firestar 

When I was 14 I was put into a state mental hospital through the collusion of my parents and a psychiatrist.  For two months I was terrorized on an electroshock and insulin shock ward.  Then I spent three months in a city hospital, ten months in a private hospital, nine months in an open institution called a "residence", and when I was 21 another two months at a different hospital.

I was forced to try at least 20 different drugs (even as an outpatient) and I had severe physical illnesses, such as tonsillitis and hepatitis, which were not recognized for long periods despite my complaints.  I could not get into the college of my choice, so I went to the only school that would accept a "mental patient"---City College of New York.  In my fifth year I had to drop out because the psychiatric drug I was taking, stelazine,  made reading impossible.  It took me 15 years to finish college, but I eventually graduated Magna Cum Laude.  I attended no high school or college graduation.  All I have is a piece of paper.

I could go on and on, explaining how psychiatry ruined my life---but that's not what I want to say.  The more I educate myself about psychiatric oppression of minors, the more I realize---I'm one of the lucky ones.  I escaped from the system, through no special talents of my own, purely by luck.  After a while, of course, I learned to manipulate the system.  I studied psychology and caught them in lies and unethical behavior on wards.  I documented their actions.  Suddenly I was "well" and discharged.  They probably hoped I would forget what I learned in the school of psychiatric oppression.  They were wrong.  I'll never forget.  But I am fortunate to have the brainpower  to remember.  I'm a lucky fish who wiggled out of the net.
the end

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