Saturday, August 15, 2015


The Mountain Home VA Healthcare System sent me a letter signed by the Director of the Medical Center stating that on my next visit to my provider that my medications would most likely be changed.  When I called my psychiatrist, she said it was to prepare us so staff would be safer when they told us of the cut in or outright denial of some of the medications we were taking.  My entire reply to her is not appropriate for here, but part of what I said was that if a psychiatrist did not have enough of a relationship with a person they were serving to discuss medications over time with them then they needed to let someone else serve that person.

You may be one of those who think that no psych med is a good thing and that mental illnesses do not exist.  However much I disagree with the public mental health system, the VA system and most private providers, I still have to come to terms with the symptoms that DSM-5 have listed under Bipolar I, PTSD, and DID.  I have found some of the medications at some levels to be helpful.  Now the VA has decided the most helpful one to me should be taken away from me.  Who decided and why is beyond me, but I know it causes me fear.  I do not trust the VA.

The future no longer looks the same.  How a bureaucrat thinks it is OK to come between a physician and a patient is beyond my understanding.  If you know please let me know.  My email is

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