Wednesday, September 02, 2015


Every evil committed by humans is now being blamed on some type or form of mental illness.  The building behind the billboard in the photo above looks to me like the Washington National Cathedral.  Lots of people still call this a Christian nation and even deny people their rights based on their understanding or belief of what they think the Bible says.  However when an act of evil occurs, these same "Christian" folk would rather blame something they know little about but sounds like an answer to them than to blame evil something they are suppose to believe in.

I am not saying that the brain or some form of psychosis can not cause evil behavior.  What I am clearly saying is that in most of the cases I have read about the evil acts are as easily explained by them being caused by an evil heart as they are by a broken brain.

I have more than one label from the fine book they call DSM-5 and I can assure you that all of my actions both good and bad do not stem from or originate in those labels.  They come from every area of my being including my inner being which some folks refer to as soul.

We as a people are missing the target by miles because we have bought the reductionist scientific worldview and its narrow concept of truth and what constitutes a person.  If you want to believe that every action a person takes can be explained by their genes and brain functions, then you have given over your freedom to be controlled by government and the hierarchy of the sciences. (It should be noted here that psychiatry does not rank high in the hard sciences or even in medicine.)

True freedom only comes when a person will allow themselves to imagine and dream beyond what they can see and prove.  When they believe in and trust their inner instincts and inner life.  When they begin to realize there is a world beyond the one we live in and that there is truth greater than hard science which changes each day.

A concept such as mental illness which is not well enough defined to have any real meaning other than to mean "suffering people and the people who love them" cannot and should not be used as a synonym for evil acts. To do so is to dishonor every person who is suffering from childhood sexual abuse, rape, war or any other cause/reason that might get them a psychiatric label.  

© Ed Cooper, 9/2/2015, Stoney Creek, TN    

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