Wednesday, August 10, 2016


What happens when you can’t feel the pain in your heart and soul anymore?  When your insides are numb and you feel dead.  Depression can progress to the point there is nothing left.  The agony can turn you into a stone statue.  You find yourself too dried up to cry anymore.  Too tired to worry anymore.  To broken to try and fix yourself another time.  Too sad to attempt another suicide. You are frozen in a state of nothingness.

If you believe I am describing something that does not or cannot happen, then that is because it has not happen to you.  It is where I am heading.  I am at the headwaters of this river.  I have been down it before and it is a journey I do not wish to make again.  Don’t pity me.  Don’t give me advice.  I am not interested in your thoughts on what I should do.  Your love or hatred or indifference does not touch me because I can not reach my own feelings.  I am shutting all systems down.

Walk your path with care my friends.  Love those around you with all the caring heart you can find within you.  Be kind to yourself.  Hope you never stop feeling the pain because by feeling the pain you know you are still among the living with all systems turned on.

© Ed Cooper, August 10, 2016, Stoney Creek, TN, Appalachia

    All rights reserved

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