Friday, June 08, 2018

SUICIDE: Selfish or Not?

(Ed in Zimbabwe in 60's)

There is lots being written about suicide at the present time.  Even though good data is hard to come by, most people writing and speaking about suicide claim the rate is increasing.  They are also offering their explanations for the increase.  My problem with all this is that there is not a complete data base for all fifty states and in the states we do have data the data is not of a consistent degree of accuracy.  Even the military or the Veterans Administration cannot give you good data going back years in order to determine rate increases and declines. 

Another issue that seems to always come up is suicide a selfish act?  I am not sure why it is so important to suicide advocates to make sure everyone is on board with suicide not being a selfish act.  I have heard the reasons given from the person is too sick at the time of the act to call it selfish to the person did it because they loved the people around them so much they were trying to help them by getting out of the way.

First, no suicide autopsy has ever included talking to the person who killed themselves and even if it had I am not sure they could or would fully explain all the complex reasons that brought them to the final point.

Second, my own mental health records reveal an attempt that I do not recognize and cannot tell you anything about.  Was it a selfish act?  I do not know.

Third, I do know whatever the person's reason or reasons that causes them to take such a step toward destroying self, which I personally think they have the right to do, their actions are not done in a vacuum.  They do not live on a planet by themselves.  So to whatever degree it impacts others, suicide is a selfish act in my humble opinion. 

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