Thursday, April 18, 2019

A SAFE PLACE: essay by ed

Ed on Sky Bridge, KY

The 18 year old woman from Surfside, FL who had been wanted by authorities since Tuesday morning after allegedly making "credible" threats toward schools in the Denver metro area was found dead by suicide around the base of Mt. Evans.

On March 14th of this year a veteran being held in the West Palm Beach VA was found dead by suicide. He hung himself when he was told he was not going to be able to go home.

Everyone has an opinion about suicide. I am writing about it now because we are coming up on May which is Mental Health month. I have a couple things I want to say before all the words start flying.

If you are a new reader let me introduce you to my expertise on this subject. I have been suicidal off and on for over 55 years. I have had friends and family accomplish the act and friends fail to accomplish it. I failed myself because of poor planning.

I have very strong opinions on the subject. I do not believe the government has any right to lock a person away who has not committed a crime simply because they do not like how their mind works. It amazes how those people who think humans have free will believe that free will should be taken away from those of us who they give a psychiatric label to. How did the state become smarter than our creator who decided we should have free will?

Even if you think something should be done for us poor souls, what makes you think locking us up like criminals is an answer. I recently read an article that said we should not say someone “committed” suicide because that made it sound like a crime and added stigma. The author did not say a word about the stigma that forced treatment adds and the fact that the threat of force treatment keeps many of us from ever speaking truthfully with a mental health professional. Then the Veterans Administration wonders why so many vets do not come to them for help?

My biggest question is why do we hear so much about sanctuary cities and churches that offer sanctuary to immigration fugitives, but we have never heard of either offering sanctuary to a person to keep them from being locked away by the government on a psychiatric unit? This question does not imply I am against sanctuary for illegal aliens. I am simply saying we, people who have been given psychiatric labels, need the same kind of sanctuary.

If folks had a safe place to be they might learn how to be safe.

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